Troy Erbes First Project Story


I started as a co-op with Marv Goldschmidt in 1984. I met Marv on my first day at the 1801 First Street office. We climbed in Marv’s blue Oldsmobile and drove to the Good Samaritan Hospital Seton Tower addition project. There was a house on-site that was our office at the time and I had an office in one of the bedrooms. I was a project engineer and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was in the office most of the time processing submittals. We were the first job site to complete submittals on a computer. I remember going in to Marty’s office and he would have three open cans of Tab and stacks of folders on his desk.

The Tower was a 200,000 sq. ft. addition and it started my passion for healthcare; seeing how all of the systems come together. I learned a lot on that job and Marty would assign lot of work for me to figure out. I enjoyed the challenge.

BIGGEST CHANGE. Most notable to me is what hasn’t changed; the people at Danis have always been here. The people you work with are still as committed to the company today as they were in 1984. Danis gave me an opportunity. When I was working at Dayton Children’s Hospital, wrapping up an addition and renovation, Danis was starting a new special projects group. I let Herman Burger know I was interested in special projects. Three months later, I was working in special projects.

FAVORITE PROJECT. After graduating in 1987, I went to the Kenwood Towne Centre as a Project Engineer to work with Marty Mulhall and Tracy Grooms. This was the first phase of the mall enclosure and it was a huge site. We were working on the fountains and planter boxes close to the main entrance where Dillard’s is now located. Tracy was frustrated; he was trying to lay out the fountains, and Bert Black wouldn’t let him have drawings in the field. He told me to figure it out, and walked away. All of the carpenters looked at me like, what do we do now? I learned so much from the carpenters in the field. Everyone was super helpful; they knew I was just a young kid. We probably had over 100 Danis guys working the site at one time. We were working at a crazy pace; we averaged 70 hours a week for the next 18 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am thankful for the opportunities the Danis Company has provided my family and me.

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