Quality Assurance

A meaningful quality program must begin with a clear definition of objectives. We interface with owners and A/E teams to develop quality standards. Criteria such as image, maintenance, durability, workmanship, and appearance must be balanced against such aspects as cost effectiveness, available labor resources and material compatibility.

Building Information Modeling

Danis employs Building Information Modeling (BIM) to advance traditional two-dimensional design into a collaborative, comprehensive model providing team members with layers of information to aid in the design and construction process. BIM aids collaboration with our clients, architectural partners and major subcontractors by providing enhanced visualization and a greater understanding of building flow and operations. As a result, BIM enhances our ability to contain costs, accelerate schedule, and ensure quality throughout the design and construction process.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Danis is on the forefront of the construction industry with the establishment of our Building Envelope Commissioning Process. While commissioning is typically used in analyzing and monitoring the mechanical and electrical system, Danis recognizes the advantage of utilizing this in-depth process to ensure quality and functionality in the building envelope system as well.


Throughout the Preconstruction Process, we always take into account constructability of all the building elements, and we work directly with the design team to perform constructability reviews. Our staff has unique knowledge of building that only comes from hands-on experience. Because Danis is a builder as well as a manager, we know the most efficient means and methods to build your project.

Fire & Smoke Wall Program

Danis places the highest priority on safety, and our Fire & Smoke Wall Quality Control Program is no exception. We utilize accreditation requirements, state building codes, and any other state and local requirements as a roadmap by which the Danis workforce makes sure construction is compliant with the appropriate agencies and codes and ensures the safety of all personnel and visitors. Danis also appoints one person whose sole responsibility on the project is to ensure compliance with all standards, rated wall specifications and fire stop inspections.

MEP Commissioning

Properly planned MEP commissioning begins during the preconstruction phase of a project. It is vital to define the extent and scope of commissioning so that a commissioning team can be assembled and the plan can be scheduled and executed.


We develop mock-ups of the work before craftsmen begin work to develop a standard by which the project quality will be judged. Before proceeding with the work, we get approval from the A/E team, owner, subcontractors, and Danis that the mock-up meets our goals and expectations of quality. The mock-ups are left in place during construction and are the benchmarks by which the final installation is judged.

Healthcare Construction Compliance

With over 60 years experience working in and for healthcare organizations, Danis is well aware of the requirements for accreditation for hospitals and other health care organizations. We know this is critical to your mission, as a majority of state governments have come to recognize certifications from accreditation agencies as a condition of licensure and the receipt of Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement.

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