Marty Mulhall First Project Story

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On December 28, 1972 I started full-time for the B.G. Danis Construction Company. My first project was working for Dick O’Brien in Estimating. He insisted that I start on the 28th, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t wait and start in January after the holiday. Years later I learned that Dick wanted to ensure that I was included in the profit sharing for 1973. I remember that I started the day after the bid had gone in for the project at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton. I was handed the white sheets and had to update the bid sheets with late bids. I stayed with Estimating for 18 months.

My first job as a Project Manager was at a bowling alley in Xenia, Ohio. The original bowling alley was destroyed by the Xenia tornado and the goal was to complete the job so they could open by the one year anniversary of the tornado, which we did. The building is no longer there. That’s one thing I can say about my career, I can name several building I built that are gone now; buildings at Delco and Miami Valley Hospital for example.

BIGGEST CHANGE. One change would be moving from hard bid to construction management. The estimating process has changed significantly; the term “Preconstruction” didn’t exist when I first started at Danis.

You would have five people in estimating until midnight the night before a bid.   We used to have paper bid forms. Gloria Crowley and Cherry Bear had comptometers, a key-driven mechanical calculator that had required they receive special training to use. You would do the takeoff on paper and hand that off to Cherry and Gloria. They would check the figures on the comptometer. Bids came in over the phone, so throughout the day of a bid you would hear over the PA, “bid on line six, bid on line four”. It’s a totally silent process now with fax or email. It used to be a massive human effort and now it can just be one person, in their office, on their own.

FAVORITE PROJECT. Kenwood Towne Center was my favorite because it was a challenge, and we met the challenge. Nothing fancy about it, it was just an incredibly tough schedule.

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