Students use math to help design new hospital parking plan

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ANDERSON  TOWNSHIP, Ohio —Students at one Anderson Township school have been  learning how to apply math to the real world.

Teachers at Nagel Middle  School are teaching students with real-world scenarios.

One example is the new  Mercy Anderson Hospital. Students have been working with the construction team  to suggest ways to alleviate a parking problem for the expanding hospital. The  students met with the team Friday to make presentations of solutions.

“I thought they were  awesome and each one of them had some kind of creativity. The students took the  project seriously. They came to our site and they took measurements,” Dr. Steve  Feagins from Mercy Health Anderson Hospital said.

“I thought they were  excellent. They all did a really good job and they put a lot of thought into it  and worked hard and it showed,” architect David Glover said.

The students’ teachers  said this type of project helps them apply what they’ve learned in the classroom  to solving real problems.

“It was really new. I had  never done anything like this before, but it really let me have a hands-on  experience with the real world,” said eighth-grader Mac Dulle.

The students’ plans could  help the architects decide on the final hospital parking plan.

“I think it’s really cool  to be like, ‘I was responsible for that design.’ We got to work on it and do it  ourselves. As a teenager, it was really cool to have that responsibility,” said  eighth-grader Naomi Manaster.

It also helped students  decide on future careers.

“I’ve thought about being  an architect before, but I’ve never done anything to follow it, so this was a  good first step,” Dulle said.

“I never really thought  about being an architect before, but now I think it would be a really fun job,”  Manaster said.

The planners will now  decide on a winning team design. Those students will get an invitation back to  the hospital for the groundbreaking.


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